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There are a number of kitchen appliances that serious cooks invest in to make their jobs easier. A heavy duty stand mixer is one such investment. It can save a lot of time and energy for the person preparing the food, especially if they enjoy baking a lot of cakes or using recipes that call for lots of ingredients to be blended together. Many can give you several reasons why they love their standing mixer and wouldn't think of cooking without this device.


One reason why an electric mixer is so desired by chefs is the time that is saved by using the appliance. When recipes call for things to be mixed, it can take ten minute of longer to properly combine the ingredients if you are doing it with your arm and a spoon. Recipes that allow you to choose to beat by hand or with a heavy duty standing mixer tend to double or sometimes triple the amount of time if you choose to do it manually. Even if you have to do it for 3-5 minutes, your arm will quickly tire and you will want to be using a mixer.


The quality of the mixed food tends to be better when you have access to a standing blender. This is especially true if you are preparing a cake mix. You have to be sure you have completely combined the powdery ingredients with the wet additions. Any clumps left behind will not look or taste right when the cake is baked. Having a mixer on hand will ensure the batter is properly prepared every time.


Having a standing mixer verses one that you hold in your hand makes things in the kitchen even easier to complete. Some people may find their arm tires after moving a mixer around a bowl for one to two minutes. Having a mixer supports itself is the perfect solution. It works great for those that have arthritis or other medical conditions. It's also beneficial for a busy chef who is trying to rush and get 5 to 6 dishes completed at once. Some may think of a large mixer when they see the words "heavy duty" but you can actually get smaller ones for a home kitchen. The larger ones are designed for restaurant chefs.


As you can see, investing in a heavy duty standing mixer is ideal if you have a passion for cooking. Even an everyday cook that prefers making meals at home rather than eating out will benefit from an electric mixer. Bakers definitely need to have this appliance to keep their arms from wearing out. Having a heavy duty stand mixer or a simple standing mixer will make your job easier, and cooking can be more fun when it isn't so strenuous on your body.


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Heavy Duty Stand Mixer

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This article was published on 2011/06/03