A Handy Guide To Buying Mixer Showers

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Finding the right mixer shower can be challenging. The water pressure and temperature variations in most homes can make deciding on a unit difficult; therefore it helps if you have a particular preference. If you don’t however there are still some popular models from which you can choose. For example, there is the thermostatic mixer shower, the manual mixer shower, the pressure balanced mixer shower and the pumped (power) mixer shower. Each model has their strengths and weaknesses. A close inspection of the pros and cons of each model should allow you to find the one best suited to the needs of you and your loved ones.

Thermostatic Mixer Shower:

The thermostatic mixer shower has a hot and cold water inlet and a single mixed water outlet. The system compensates for the changes in temperature to ensure that the person that is taking a shower is not scalded or frozen by a sudden release of unmixed water. This system employs thermostatic control valve which helps to automatically compensate for variances in water temperature. The thermostatic mixer shower requires no electrical connections and there is nothing to plug in. The system simply ensures any family member or friend using the shower receives safe, consistent water temperature and pressure. However, the use of thermostatic valves makes it somewhat expensive.

Manual Mixer Shower:

The manual mixer shower is another popular type of mixer shower. The manual mixer shower works with a hot and a cold water inlet and a mixed water outlet. There is no built in mechanism to compensate for variations in the temperature and pressure of the water. When you use this model, the water temperature is not very stable. For example, if someone outside of the shower were to turn on the hot or cold water in the faucet it could mean a rude surprise for the person inside the shower. The water can become very hot or cold without warning; however, these systems are available at a very low price for those on a budget.

Pressure Balanced Mixer Shower:

The pressure balanced mixer shower is yet another choice if you are looking for mixer showers. The pressure balanced mixer shower uses a hot and cold water inlet and a single mixed water outlet. The difference with this model is it compensates for changes in the water pressure. It does not however, help to maintain a constant temperature. It is easy to install and although the unit is designed to control water pressure, it does help to control water temperature as well. While it does not exert as much control over water temperature as the thermostatic mixer it does provide better temperature control than the manual mixer.

Pumped Mixer Shower:

The pumped mixer shower increases the water pressure in the shower. It can be used in combination with the thermostatic or manual systems. The pumped mixer can be either integrated within the unit or used on its own. What it does is provide wonderfully powerful water flow in your shower. For best results install an external water pump and combine it with the thermostatic mixer shower. It may cost a little more but it can create the best mixed showers you will ever experience.

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A Handy Guide To Buying Mixer Showers

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A Handy Guide To Buying Mixer Showers

This article was published on 2011/09/30